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2018 Fall Arctic Trip

November 4th


We got up ate 7:00 and ate breakfast then prepped for the day. We met in the class at 7:30 where discussed the plan for the day.we left on a short bus ride, then we boarded the buggy. we seen our first bear Asteroid about an hour in. Then the bears started appearing the farer away we got from the station. At one point a bear named Comet came right up to the buggy which made it really easy to do whisker printing. in comparison the bear was an ant compared to the buggy. After seven hours on the buggy we had to turn around to make it back by 4:00pm. On the way back we found out the floor was the most comfortable spot to sit. when we got we ate dinner and started data analysis. when we finished sorting the photos we got a presentation from Jill about the junior Canadian rangers. then we went to bed.

terence palmer jcr & Ahmed zalam khs