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2019 Summer Arctic Trip

August 8, 2019


Today we sampled our last two sites in Churchill. We left the CNSC early in the morning and drove out as far as we could before hiking the rest of the way to the two sites. They were both lichen bogs that were overflowing with large amounts of soft lichen beds. The difference between the two site we were working in was a forest fire that went through one of the bogs 20 years ago. We looked for differences in the two areas that may have been a result of the fire. While we were out there, we discovered why this area was called ‘arctic.’ It was cold and rainy, but we powered through. The weather had one upside as there were no mosquitoes to be seen today.

After these two sites, the group split into two groups. One went off on a long adventure to complete one more site, while the other went back to the CNSC to warm up. The group that continued on went on an hour long hike to get to the site, which was another lichen bog, that was full of moss. They quickly finished up the site and hiked the hour back to the van. The group back at the CNSC spent the time cutting out mitten templates to finish sewing out at Nester 1. After dinner, Dr. Ryan Brooks gave a presentation on Nester 1 (the campsite that we will be staying at out in the park) and talked about his project on caribou. Then we began preparing to leave for Nester 1.

We all packed out bags lightly to take out there to Nester 1 while placing everything else in bags to leave at the CNSC while we are out there. We re-situated the boxes of food so that they can be carried easily. 

Anna and Sam