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2014 ArcticNet Conference

December 11, 2014


Waking up today we knew that our 2014 ArcticNet experience was coming to an end. We packed our bags and headed down for a hot breakfast of bacon, sausages, yogurt and fruit.

Before we left the hotel, as a group we planned which topical sessions we wanted to see.  We took a moment at the conference to sit down and talk about what we have gained over the past three action packed days also we discussed what possibilities there are for having all of the ISAMR partners involved through out the year where it be collaborative efforts doing data analysis or having the Junior Rangers in Churchill scout new sites for transects. Also we took time to debrief about the topical sessions that we had seen and the relevance of them to our studies. We also did some more networking, exchanging business cards with other researchers. The first topical sessions began and I chose "Contaminants in a Changing Arctic ". The session talked mainly about how the Mercury levels in the arctic are changing. Everyone converged for our final lunch together our final discussion about what we have learned and how many connections we have made and ways to further the scope of our research. 

It was now time for us to split our separate ways we said our good byes saying "see you on Skype" us Canadian's heading to the airport to catch a flight to Toronto and then later to Winnipeg. 

So we thought....!

When we arrived at the airport to check ourselves in entering our reservation code into the self checkin machine we gain the knowledge that our flight out of Ottawa was cancelled! So over into the long line at guest services we went. When it is our turn in line Jill starts negotiating with the lovely Westjet employee to try to get on flight in the Winnipeg direction tonight. The only fight headed that direction not canceled or without a connection through Toronto was to Calgary which was full due to the influx other traveler's flights being canceled as well. The other option was to take a direct flight tomorrow which we chose gladly. 

At the end of the day I am truly proud to be apart of ISAMR and extremely thankful for the opportunities I have had and the people that I have connected with thought our travels 

Once again adventure never fails to find ISAMR