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2015 Summer Arctic Trip

August 5th


Blog post from August 5th:

Today was our first day out in the field. It was great to finally start taking some real data. It was a good introduction to the science that we have been learning about for quite a while. We took data on two bogs. Bogs are a type of habitat mostly comprising of lichen in the Arctic tundra. The ground was soft and spongy, and a pleasure to touch!! We even got to feel the permafrost with our own hands. In case you are wondering - it's pretty darn cold!!! I got to make a fruit salad consisting of many of the berries of which I had recently memorized the scientific names. It tasted good. Thank you, Kevin - they were delicious! We probed the ground, took micro and macro data, and got to eat our first lunch out in the field. Field work is a fun challenge, and with teamwork we made the dream work. 

After a wonderful dinner at the CNSC, we went on a sunset safari in which we made a bonfire and caught the tail end of the sunset. We were on the Churchill River, not to be confused with the Hudson Bay. We bonded over music, dancing, and lots of limbo. We roasted marshmallows and got to meet some local townspeople. It was pretty cold, but as long as we stuck close to the fire we were nice and toasty. It was a jolly good time. 

After a long day of collecting data and having fun, we returned to the CNSC and fell into our beds, already excited for another day on the tundra. 

-Andrew Hsiao, The Park School grade 12