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2015 Summer Arctic Trip

August 3, 2015


Blog post from August 3rd:

Today we left for Churchill all of us met at Kelvin High school at 5:00am Students from Baltimore and Kelvin were split up into three different vans and we headed on our way towards Thompson. The first part of the trip exciting as well as quiet. Not everyone felt comfortable around each other but as the 9 hour drive filled with games and talking progressed we all became more comfortable around each other; and even more excited for the next two weeks 

On our way to Thompson we stopped in Pisew Falls for lunch and pictures. Pisew Falls was a great experience and the lunch was good! We left the falls and headed back on the road for Thompson with only 45 minutes remaining.  

Once we arrived in Thompson we all went on a walk by the river. It was nice to get out of the vans, walk around and get fresh air. We finished our walk after about 30 minutes and headed for the train station. This was probably the most exciting part of the day because most of us had never been on a train before and didn't know what to expect.

The first 3 hours of the ride consisted of lots and lots of studying the vegetation native to churchill. we also all went over the main purposes to this trip[ and the methods that we will be using for our research. 

Today consisted of a lot of traveling, learning, bonding, and exploring. we are all excited to see what tomorrow will bring. 

-Leah Hicks, Kelvin High School student