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2014 Summer Arctic Trip

The Trip Blog for the 2014 summer research trip.

July 31 (evening)


Anticipating this amazing adventure, the idea of traveling to such a unique and special place as Churchill was an intangible thought. Even this morning as we giddily rendezvoused at BWI, to me, the trip itself still seemed very abstract. Now, writing from the home of a host family in Winnipeg, what was a few hours ago now seems eons old. Although much of today was spent in airports and airplanes, we also met many of our fellow adventurers for the first time. After a relaxing flight from Baltimore to Minneapolis, we had a two hour layover, spent playing Bananagrams on the airport floor, having lunch, and discussing what we were hoping to get out of the trip. Finally, after a short hour flight, we made it to Winnipeg. At the airport, we met Jessica, our Global Explorers person, Donna, a teacher at Kelvin and a member of the ISAMR team, but who unfortunately was unable to travel this year, and one of the Junior Rangers, Jordan, who was already here in Winnipeg. From there, we headed out to have dinner, and meet the Kelvin students journeying up with us. Finally, after pizza and icebreakers, it was time to head to host families' homes for the night. Tomorrow, the next leg of our journey begins at the crack of dawn-the drive to Thompson!

Cory Silver, Park School of Baltimore