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2014 Summer Arctic Trip

The Trip Blog for the 2014 summer research trip.

Aug 8, evening


Hey, just bringing an update to the rest of the world. Had a wonderful breakfast and warm morning, not too cold or anything like that. We then set out for our active layer site to do some macro, micro, probing, Ph, and soil samples, you know, the usual stuff. After we finished, we were told that there was one more to go to, a new site that was just added but only the bravest of the brave could go. So me the brave dozen set out to find the site and conquer it.


That's when the fun started. The fen put up a good fight and we lost one of our crew members... one of our thin probes. It did us well, but was no match for the fen. The people back at camp who didn't come to the fen did something extra important, they made food! Not any old food either, they made delicious home made pizza! So we got back to camp to see them waiting at the gates for us with huge smiles on their faces. Each of our pizzas had our initials on them. The rest of the night was pretty warm and we all drifted to sleep to the sounds of the night.

-Logan Rodger, Kelvin High School