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2014 Summer Arctic Trip

The Trip Blog for the 2014 summer research trip.

Aug 3, evening



The day began with an early morning rise with the sun already out and shining bright. Groggily, we went down to breakfast, where we feasted on many different breakfast options (all very delicious). Shortly after, we headed down to the classroom where the plan for the day was explained to us and equipment picked up and put in the car, in which we drove for approximately twenty or so minutes (maybe it was longer-it's quite difficult to keep track of time when we have so much fun singing in the car) and arrived at the Twin Lakes Bog. It was bright and warm and so we set out to work under the bright, warm sun. Lunch was in the field with previously packed lunches, and with our stomachs once again full we continued to work until four thirty or so, when we hiked back to the vans and drove directly back to the CNSC for dinner. Immediately after, we all packed into the vans and headed into town to meet Caroline, a Sayisi Dene woman who told us her story and gave us a quick tour of Churchill. Before heading back home, we took quick detours around the town and visited places like the cemetery and a local school. After a long day of hard work and fun filled adventure, we've once again arrived at the CNSC, where we will rest and tomorrow rise once again – this time heading for the fens.

--Maria, Kelvin High School