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International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research

ISAMR is a coalition of students, teachers, and professional researchers who have been collaborating since 2007 on a projected 30-year study of the permafrost and sea ice in the subarctic climate through the monitoring of vegetation and polar bear populations. Current partners consist of private and public schools, including The Park School of Baltimore, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, and Kelvin High School. In addition, students from the Churchill Junior Canadian Rangers play a prominent role in both the cultural and scientific aspects of the permafrost and polar bear research.

ISAMR is generously funded and supported by NSERC, Johns Hopkins University, Park School of Baltimore, Sustainable Development of Manitoba, Towson University, University of Manitoba, and University of Saskatchewan.

We also rely on support from people who are committed to climate change research. We appreciate any contribution, large or small. Thank you for your support.