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2016 ArcticNet Conference

December 3


Today we got to sleep a little more since yesterday was the last day of the conference. At 9:30 the kids from from Kelvin came so work on our presentations for Arctic Net. It was really nice working with everyone in the same room and in person. We worked until about 12:30 then bought some pizza. Many kelvin kids had left but others stayed and we took a break to hang out and watch a movie. Later, we baked cookies. Alex and Sean, two of the kelvin kids we had met on the trip were part of a competitive improv team and were preforming that night. It was a really great experience. I had never been to anything like that before and it was just nice to be there, cheering on and supporting our Canadian friends. It was a great way to end our last night together. Phaolan, one of the last Kelvin students that stayed with us that night, took us to a Tim Hortons after the show. We ate and hung out then went to the house. We said our final goodbyes to Phaolan and Grace, who had came back to the house to practice her presentation. Once they left, we picked our bags, sad that we would be leaving the next day.

Lexi Mantilla, The Park School of Baltimore 19'