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2014 Fall Arctic Trip

Tundra Buggy: Day 2


Dear readers, today was like every other day out here at CNSC, wake up at 6am, be ready for breakfast by 7 and ready to go to the tundra buggies by 8, just another day in the life of an ISAMR member. The buggies was amazing, we saw 10 bears and of those 10 there was a mother bear with two cubs only 20 feet away from us!  We got back to the CNSC after a day of getting amazing photos and getting thrown around the buggy and people sleeping, we had a very heart warming presentation from Caroline about the book Night Spirits and her life while she went through the residential school system and the after affects. After we stormed through piles of data and photos, putting them to and from various computers, storage devices we got the okay to go to bed, but even then people didn’t want to go to bed and wanted to stay up fight the sleep and work. Over all the day brought new ideas, made peoples friendships stronger and put us on track to finishing all the work on time.


Logan Rodger, Kelvin High School