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The official website of ISAMR (International Student-Led Arctic Monitoring and Research).

2014 Fall Arctic Trip



Our last day together was a long one. We woke up after a long night on the train; watching the northern lights and working hard to process data, along with some poker played with goldfish. It was a great way to spend our last night, and everyone was exhausted by the end of it. 
After getting off the train, we began our 9 hour car ride from Thompson. It consisted mostly of sleeping, making jokes, and talking about all our favourite memories of the trip. 
Once arriving at our drop off point, Kelvin High School, we began our lengthy goodbyes. Hugs, jokes, and plans for the future were all shared, as well as an Oscar Wilde soliloquy. Though it was the end of our trip together, it was by no means the end of the friendships we made. 

Alexander Tivoli, Kelvin High School