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2015 Fall Arctic Trip

October 29, 2015

Lexi Mantilla The Park School of Baltimore ‘19

Today was a long day for Park School students. We had to get to school by 3:30 am. Our first flight was to Toronto. From Toronto we took another plane to Winnipeg. After we arrived in Winnipeg, we went to the zoo, where we met the students from Kelvin High School, two of the Canadian Junior Rangers, and Dr. Jane Waterman, a mammologist who studies polar bears and squirrels. We also practiced the protocol for taking pictures of the bears. After out trip to the zoo, we had lunch at Kelvin. As we waited for dinner to be served we did fun activities like starting to make mittens. Although it is the first day, I have already met a lot of great people and I’m excited to get to know them better. Everyone is so welcoming and fun to be around. We have another long day tomorrow, but we’ll be with our friends, so I’m excited.