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2016 Summer Arctic Trip

August 15th


Today was the final day of the trip. We spent the morning in Winnipeg shopping at antique stores and grabbing food at a falafel place. The Winnipeg students said their goodbyes at the airport. Our flights went smoothly, and we arrived in Baltimore around midnight. Anna and Bunmi practically slept in the airport to catch flights the next day, while the rest of the students said short goodbyes before returning home to talk to their families and catch up on sleep.

Now that the trip has ended, we must look at the future of ISAMR. As we reflect on our adventures, we think about how we want to improve the program and share the knowledge we gain every year. I have only been home for a day and I already miss my Canadian friends and the beautiful Wapusk National Park that seems like a second home, regardless of the little time I spent there. This trip has made me feel so important, as I have helped collect original data, but the tundra in Wapusk has also make me feel so small and insignificant. I have a lot to think about in the next few weeks and I am excited to see what my role will be in ISAMR's future.

Cecilia Charney, BPI, 18'