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2016 Summer Arctic Trip

August 6th


Today started off colder than normal, I had noticed something different about the wind, but didn’t think anything of it. We had eggs for breakfast with yogurt. We headed down twin lakes road at eight thirty and got out around nine. Then we got ready for the long hike a head of us to our first site, then it turned hot to hot, I took off my bug jacket it was that hot. Our first place was we studied was a fen, and then when we were done we braked for lunch.

Our second site was another hike, but shorter than the first; we went to a bog. It didn’t take too long to do my part, I was probing and the permafrost was like right there. So after I was done Mark, the male chaperone from Baltimore, and I dug a small hoe to the permafrost. It was really cold, and I’m from Churchill. Then we continued.

We hiked to our third site, which wasn’t that far of a hike from the second site. But then that feeling came back to me when we were done, which wasn’t even that long. And it started to rain, it was like a disturbance in the force. Then we hiked for a long time again, it was really nice until my knees felt like they were about to give out on me but I made it to the vans. Then we enjoyed our supper and went out on a sunset safari where it was so nice and one van was just Americans and the other one was one American and the rest were Canadians. When we were heading back to the vans I was speed running like a stupid person and almost would have had to stay back from Nester 1. But I stopped my self before I could hurt my self.

Scott Stewardson JCR. 2019