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2017 Summer Arctic Trip

August 9th, 2017



Today was another exciting day out in the tundra as we continued collecting data; we went to two different fen sites. The walk to the first site was a 1.2-kilometer walk and was good preparation for the upcoming days at Nester One. This was our second full day of collecting data, and everyone, including myself, feels more confident in their data collection skills and plant ID. Even though this is only our second day in the field, it feels like we've been at it for weeks.


After the first two sights, the group split up. Some of us continued collecting data at the second sight while others went back to the CNSC to rest and create the Nester One music playlist, etc. During this time at the fen, one of the students created "a new method of probing." This particular fen sight is known to have a deep active layer with many roots and rocks in it, making it difficult to probe. The active layer was so thick that it reached over 200cm at some of the flags. 


After everyone got back from the field our day was far from over. Today is our last day at the CNSC and tomorrow morning we will make our helicopter trip to Nester One. We split up into groups to make sure all of our food and field gear is packed away and ready to travel. We were able to break in the mists of all the packing to take a trip to watch the sunset as a group which was absolutely breath taking. We ended the day by watching Northern Lights; it was the perfect way to end the busy day. 

-Lexi Mantilla and Sam Colenback