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2017 Summer Arctic Trip

August 13th, 2017


Today the breakfast was served at 7 o’clock, we started to wake up at around 6:50; we had pancakes and omelets and it was pretty good, there were also coffee and tea. After breakfast the chopper came and picked up some of the students. We started to get ready by chopping up the rebar and hauling metal stakes, some park rangers came and helped us through the day; we left nester one at about 9. We didn’t walked very far, around 800 meters, and got to our first site; we got split into two groups, our group went ahead to conduct micro on the different sites, the other group had set up for us. There were two different transects that included eight different plots, after finishing 3 plots we had lunch on a hummock and rested for a bit. Then we finished the work and came back to nester one at 4:30. We started to make dinner and the chopper group came back. We had supper all together like a family, it was spaghetti with break and salad, and watched Chloe’s presentation about arctic and red foxes after, it was really interesting. We had cake for dessert and played salad bowl, it was a really intense and funny game. At around 10 the people start to get ready to sleep and some people put the data that we took today and transferred it to computer. And now I’m writing this blog for the first time and I hope you enjoy it. Goodnight

- Golnar Mahmoodi