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2017 Summer Arctic Trip

August 17th, 2017


Today was yet another crazy day full of surprises and adventure. It started off with us leaving nester via helicopter which went smoothly. I was on the first helicopter with Sarah, Terry, and Miriam and this time it was a smaller helicopter which meant if we had four people in it you can’t take any luggage. Once back we cleaned up our storage unit at the CNSC called M-10 putting all our gear where we found it. We had taken all the hip waders that we usually keep at Nester out as well so we had to organize all of those so we could get rid of any that didn’t work anymore and get an inventory of what sizes we have and how many of each so we can buy and bring up what we need next trip. It was sad to leave Nester but we pushed through it and got everything done. We ate lunch then went into Churchill and spent two hours walking around doing touristy things like seeing their horses going into a cute trading post and seeing the Eskimo museum. After that we learned we wouldn’t be sleeping at the fort that night as there was a tornado advisory so instead we would be staying at the CNSC for another night. Before going back to the CNSC though we went to the beach and roasted hot dogs and veggie burgers over a bonfire. Overall the day was a sappy one as no one wanted to be gone from Nester. There is something beautifully untamed about being there. It makes you feel free yet small and insignificant in the best way possible. No other place I have been to can match its beauty. I can only hope I will be back there soon.

-Matthew Hudes