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2017 Summer Arctic Trip

August 7th, 2017


“I know we’ve only been on this trip for a few hours but I feel like it’s been ten days.” An ISAMR researcher quipped, yet her words could be felt with several other students who were slumped in their chairs, reflected wondrously at their journey which spanned over a thousand kilometers in a matter of hours.

A true testament of ISAMR will and character could be seen numerous times throughout the first day. Due to the unfortunate setback with transportation, researchers and scientist had to fight for their right to continue their journey into the subarctic. Even when the day finally came, ISAMR students, parents, and teachers came together in comradery despite having been a group of strangers’ hours before. The bonds made were only strengthened by the addition of our Churchill group.

When the dust had been settled and introductions were made, we soon fell into regular ISAMR fashion and began our roles as researchers, refamiliarizing ourselves with arctostraphylos rubras and rhododendron lapponicums, among other things. The ISAMR spirit endured as we pinned and probed our first fen (site) as the rain pitted down on us and mosquitos took turns trying to pierce our bug hats.

The day quickly escaped us and soon we became entranced by the sun kissed bay, concluding our first night in Churchill with a late-night drive. As future photographers and budding scientists admired what the Hudson Bay had to offer, we were greeted with a surprise hello from a mother and her cubs, who had also stopped by to appreciate the view.

Our first day in Churchill had concluded with a picturesque like fashion.

-        Sarah Rauf