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2018 Fall Arctic Trip

November 5th, 2018


Today was our second day on the tundra buggy. As was the case yesterday, started the day off with a good breakfast at around 7:00 AM, which was easier to get up for the second time around. Then we waited for our bus to come and take us to the tundra buggy station, where a slightly less crowded buggy was waiting for us. When we boarded the buggy, it took a while to find our first bears of the day, but we ended up coming across nearly as many as yesterday. We took a break for lunch while waiting for one bear to take their head out of the snow, but other than that there was not much space between observations, which made for a pretty exciting day. We made it through our first alphabetical list of bear names and were started on the second by the time we were heading back, around four in the afternoon. Now that our field research is completed, we will begin analysis of our pictures to collect data and prepare for Arctic Net!

Kayla (Kelvin High School) and Tamara (Junior Canadian Rangers)