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2018 Fall Arctic Trip

NOVEMBER 6th, 2018


Today we did a variety of things, since it was our day off of the tundra buggy. We spent the morning packing up our stuff to check out of our rooms in the CNSC. We then went on a short tundra walk outside, where we were able to check out the rocket ranges in the surrounding area. After that, we spent a little bit of time analyzing our data from the previous two days, as well as organizing the pictures that we had taken. After a quick lunch at the CNSC, we were able to listen to a presentation about the Sayisi Dene people and their history, culture, and ways of life. The presentation was given by a member of the Sayisi Dene named Florence, who offered a very interesting perspective of the culture that she had been born into. After the presentation, we had around an hour to walk around Churchill in groups, and explore the area. After meeting in the Eskimo Museum at 3:30, we took a quick bus ride to Cape Merry, which gave us a beautiful view of the area where the Churchill River meets the Hudson Bay. We unfortunately couldn’t stay very long, as a polar bear had come through the area 20 minutes before and we had to stay on high alert. After the quick tour of the Cape, we went back to the town complex in Churchill, where we all spent around four hours waiting to go to the airport. It was a nice way to end the day, as it gave us all a chance to decompress and socialize. I (Jake) got a chance to practice my ice-skating skills, which have proved to be in their process of developing (as evidenced by my sore butt from falling twice). Nevertheless, the experience was very enjoyable. Finally, around 11:00 Churchill time, we boarded our plane and flew to Winnipeg, where the kids from Kelvin and Park said goodbye.

-Jake, Park School