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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 10, 2018


Today was our first full day of field work. After eating a delicious breakfast at the CNSC, we headed to our first site; a fen. We both took macro data on the site, despite the cold, we completed our work in time for a great lunch. After lunch we headed to our second site; our first bog! This time one of us collected micro data, and the other measured ALT value (active layer thickness).Throughout the day we continued collecting plants for our duo-tangs, which we later finished that night. The hike back to the vans was brutal; but we made it, we walked through boreal forest covered in water. That night we got home for dinner at 5:30 for tacos; after dinner was finished, we prepared for our move to nester 1 tomorrow. After all the work was done we wrapped up the night with a dip stiggy creek, lots of fun, lots of shivering, and lots of bugs. We rushed back to the CNSC for warm showers and a fabulous talk by Ryan Brook, who informed us about the helicopter safety, and what to expect at Nester 1. The day was long and amazing but we are more than ready for bed, but so excited for tomorrow. 

-Corinne, Olivia