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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 13, 2018


Today was a shorter day than usual. We woke up at the same time as yesterday, and we ate pancakes. Lots of them! After we ate we did some stretches, with Caleb, a student, as the instructor. We then packed our lunches, and started to get our gear field ready. We left around 10 and collected data at two sites. During our hike we spotted some caribou. The ground was mostly watery, and there were a lot of plants we recognized. ISAMR worked quickly and effectively, when we were in the field. We hiked back, and everyone was hungry! The bathroom line up was big too! We ate chips with salsa, while waiting for supper. We had pasta for supper. Ryan Brooks the co-founder of ISAMER, gave us a presentation on the land of Wapusk and how some of the land now came to be. After a good guide on the land and Ryan’s personal history with the park, we went out to have puddings. It was a great night.

~Jae, Kaylynn~