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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 12, 2018


 Today was a long day. Everyone woke up at 8 and by 11 we had our lunches packed, water bottles filled, and after a few group stretches we were ready for the hikes that were to come. It was a two and a half hour walk to our first destination. At our first site we took vegetation sampling data at fox dens. That was interesting as we had not performed that type of procedure before on the trip. After the work at the first fox den was concluded the group moved on to the second fox den. The next location was a caribou calving site with Ryan Brooks, the co-founder of ISAMR, and one of his grad students, Cassidy. By the time we were finished our work at the site, the sun had set and we rushed back to Nestor 1. In total we hiked approximately 16 kilometers in 10 and a half hours. Then we ate burgers,rice and vegetables. Later, we entered data and watched the northern lights.

-Terrance, Mateo