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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 17, 2018


 We got to sleep in nice and late today until 8:30. We went outside and smelled some delicious food in the kitchen. After a breakfast of delicious eggs, sausage, and vegan friendly foods, Corinne and Ian led us in some partner yoga stretches. We then got ready to go on our short hike to the southern fox dens. We ate lunch, and afterwards we played a “beary” fun trivia game. After the game, we packed up and hiked back to Nestor one for the afternoon. Some of us decided to take some time to relax by taking a nap in our tents. After a couple hours we heard presentations from Jill about her job working for Parks Canada, and the overpopulation of snow geese. We then had a scrumptious meal of tacos and prepped camp to leave Nestor one on the chopper the next morning. We ended our time here with basketball game that will go down in the history books before getting surprised by a delicious cloudberry crumble. We wrapped up our wonderful week here and hit the hay, ready to go back to the CNSC.

Caleb and Hobbs