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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 16, 2018


 We woke up this morning to the sound of the helicopter whirling and the smell of eggs and bacon. Hobbs, Marissa, Jill and Julie headed out on the helicopter to visit the southern sector of the park and sample permafrost wells, while the rest of us ate a quick breakfast and packed for the day here at Nester One. Two Parks Canada employees also joined us for the day. One of them was a yoga instructor, and led us in our morning stretch. The morning was spent taking data at a site around the lake closest to Nester One. We came back to Nester for lunch to make Kraft Mac and cheese. Yum! In the afternoon, we visited another site close to Nester, and came back well in time for a delicious dinner of chili and salad. At the family style dinner table we played telephone and “pass the rock.” The sunset tonight was beautiful as we watched from the observation deck. The night promises no clouds which means an Aurora borealis and many shooting stars are on the horizon (literally).

-Anna “it’s gon’ be a while” Connors and “One Boot” Greggles