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2018 Summer Arctic Trip

August 14, 2018


 We started the day with eggs and bacon cooked by Jill. After breakfast Ian led us in stretches. We packed up and were excited that we didn’t have to carry or wear our hip-waders today. We hiked North 4 kilometers to our first site. The site was soft and mossy. Most of us changed into our crocs or sandals to keep our boots dry. When we were walking up the hill to leave the site we saw a caribou. We walked to the beach, which wasn’t as far as we thought it would be. It was low tide and we set our fire up below the high tide line. The high tide line was marked by crunchy, black seaweed. Terry, a Junior Canadian Ranger, started the fire while we collected wood and then we roasted hotdogs and veggie burgers. The veggie burgers were extremely hard to cook and Ian’s kept falling in the ash. He said it was still good. After eating we walked down to the tide pools. People found fossils of coral and seashells. Greg was suspiciously good at finding them. We gathered around the fire after walking around a while. The fire was going out and as we sat around it we talked about what we were grateful for. Next, we took a nice picture in front of the tide pools. That was followed by trying and mostly succeeded in making a human pyramid for a picture. As we hiked out of the beach we saw a polar bear. We all took out binoculars to look at the bear. We hiked back the way we had come to get to our second site, which was a fox den. It was covered in purple fireweed flowers. We had to take data quickly because it was an active den. We could tell it was active from the smell. We hiked back to a nice warm dinner cooked by Jill, Alayna and Kaylynn. Dinner was chicken, potatos and salad. We had brownies for dessert. As we were eating our brownies the power went out. We lost power and water during the night, but the issue was fixed and we had power in the morning. It was a tiring but fun day.

Alayna and Parrish