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2019 Summer Arctic Trip

August 15, 2019


After a good night’s sleep in our warm beds at the CNSC. We woke up around 6:00 a.m. to get ready for breakfast at 6:30. We had french toast, yogurt, and oatmeal, the perfect last meal at the CNSC. Then, we loaded our bags into our vans, and headed out for a morning hike. Although we did not get to do that hike because there was a polar bear resting in the trail we were going to take, we still ended up hiking for a bit. Also, we had a tour of the Prince of Wales Fort. The brisk air made the hike very relaxing. Afterwards, we went whale watching and saw many beluga whales in the Hudson Bay. We also heard the whales communicating under water using a microphone. Then, we got back into our vans and headed to the Parks Canada office. There, we ate lunch, and Jill gave us a presentation about the snow geese in Wapusk National Park. After the presentation, we went to collect recycling around town. We had two hours to shop around town and hangout and explore. After that we went to the Complex. We had a fire with the Churchill Junior Rangers  and had a barbecue. We had lots of snacks and burgers and hotdogs. Then, we had to say goodbye to our Churchillian friends and drive to the train station. We are now on our way to Thompson, we have two junior rangers getting off the train at Gilliam. 

Mesra and Cambrie