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2019 Summer Arctic Trip

August 16, 2019


Today, we woke up on the train. Around 6:30am, we arrived in Gilham, where we had to part from our friends Cory and Cambrie. Next, we ate breakfast on the train. After breakfast, some students took naps, while others sat in the dome car, watching the scenery, playing cards, and spending time together. The time flew by, and lunchtime seemed to arrive quickly. After lunch, we debriefed as a group, then began work on a collection of various tasks. From updating our spreadsheets to rewriting our packing lists, there were lots of things to be done to help the next generation of ISAMR students. Around 4pm, we arrived in Thompson, where we sorted through all the recycling we had brought from Churchill. Our car was overflowing, but we managed to get all the items to the recycling collection center. Around 5pm, we picked up our rental vans and began the drive to Winnipeg. Car activities were varied, but they included audiobooks, music, movies, mitten making, conversation, and (for the passengers) sleep! We only made two quick stops (one for dinner and one for a stretch), and the long drive with our new friends wasn’t too bad for most of us. By the time we arrived to Greg Speiser’s home in Winnipeg, it was about 2am. After teary goodbyes to our friends from Winnipeg, the Baltimore students fell asleep, exhausted from the long travel day. We had an early flight to catch the next day.