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2015 ArcticNet Conference



This is a quick summary of what we did today. So when we woke up we went to the guys room, which is an amazing master queen bed room, we ate a quick breakfast, and then we went to the plenary program where we stayed for about an hour and listened to the speakers. It was really awesome and the one that I liked the most was FRCGS, Ikaarvik: Barriers to bridges. They were talking about the Inuit culture and how people say that they are not Inuit just because they like science, but they're trying to stand up for themselves, which I think is pretty cool. After that we had delicious lunch at the conference. After our amazing lunch we went to some sessions. The one that I went to, I think it was really awesome, was about caribou and bears I wasn't there for the whole thing, so I don't really know what its about. After the sessions we went to the guys room and had pizza for supper and then some people went to the sessions again and some of us stayed to talk about some ISAMR stuff. In the evening we all went for a walk to the olympic cauldron. And then we went to the grocery store and bought some food for the morning and went back to the hotel. We ended by going to the hot tub and the pool and now we are going to bed for another amazing day tomorrow. We are all leaving tomorrow afternoon and evening. 

If you would like to see the vlogs as we post them you can see them here.

-Dania Meeko '18 Junior Canadian Rangers