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2015 ArcticNet Conference



Our first day in Vancouver went really well. The morning was very interesting, we sat in on the first presentation, and learned a lot about different programs for students.  After the first presentation we decided to go to the Vancouver aquarium, to get to the aquarium we walked through Stanley Park and got to see some of the beautiful trees and scenery. Once we got to the aquarium we visited the exhibits, the most interesting exhibit was the jellyfish. After visiting the aquarium we walked along the sea wall back to our hotel just in time for lunch. We met up with everyone from Baltimore shortly after lunch to catch up and go over our posters before the presentations. Presentations of the posters went really well, as we got to see other peoples projects, as well as having many people come see what our posters were about. We went out for dinner at the Stanley Park Pavilion. After a nice dinner involving food and more catching up we made our way back to the hotel for either hot tubing, homework or sleep.

Today was a great way explore a small fraction of Vancouver, as well as reconnect with everyone on this trip.

To see some pictures click here.

Leah Hicks '17 Kelvin High School