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2015 Summer Arctic Trip

August 12th


Blog post from August 12th:

Aug. 12, 2015


Today we woke up and got ready to go on the helicopter. The first group of people got dropped off at a permafrost well and the other people went to the Churchill Northern Study Center. The people that went to the permafrost well did a transect. They said it was pretty hard to probe because the site was on top of a giant rock. The well was drilled through the rock. The other groups came to the Churchill Northern Study Center and did data entry because we had a lot to catch up on. After all the data was entered we kind of just hung out for a bit. We later went to the beach. When we were at the beach we had a bonfire and went swimming in the Hudson Bay. We saw lots of whales but sadly no polar bears. The belugas were pretty close to shore. When you went in to the water you had to run in because then you couldn’t back out. As soon as you went in the water the cold hit you like a brain freeze to the body. When we got out we warmed up by the fire and when we were somewhat dry we skipped rocks. After we were done skipping rocks we surrounded the fire one last time and then headed back to the Churchil Northern Study Center.

-Khalee Palmer, Duke of Marlborough School grade 9 & Dania Meeko, Duke of Marlborough School grade 10