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2015 Summer Arctic Trip

August 13th


Blog post from August 13th:

Today we got to wake up in bed instead of in a tent, and we had some delicious breakfast from CSNC. Then we headed to the 3 sites which were probably the easiest sites we've even done. It took people 5 minutes to probe each transect, which is really like a blink of an eye compared to probing in fens. Completing each fen in less than 45 minutes, we got back to CSNC way earlier than our other sites from the beginning of the trip. We pretty much just hung out and entered some data until dinner, and very soon after dinner we left to see beluga whales. We got on some boats that drove us to the middle of the Hudson Bay,  and had a close look belugas that swam about us. It was just simply amazing. On a scale pin drop to pinguicula, this is definitely pinguicula. We also visited the Prince of Wales Fort, and learned a bit history about it. We somehow ended up finishing our day watching Lord of the Ring in the audio room. We only have 2 days left, and all of us are treasuring every second we can spend together. 

-Zinan Cen, Kelvin High School grade 12