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2016 ArcticNet Conference

November 29


This is my fourth blog opening for my fourth ISAMR trip. I am always excited to return to Canada, but this trip inspires a different kind of excitement. It has also required a much more intensive preparation process. These past few days have been a blur of four way Skype calls, endless emails, and surprise phone calls. I can't count how many times I have formatted and reformatted posters and PowerPoints. This is the first time I have truly felt how much other people depend on ISAMR's work. 

Baltimore and Churchill will be flying to Winnipeg, MB for the next three days to participate in the Wapusk Conference. We will blog everyday of the Wapusk conference. The week following will be ArcticNet. Only Kelvin students will be attending and presenting. They will also be posting fairly regularly. Photos will be posted nearing the end of the conferences.

Cecilia Charney, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 18'