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2016 ArcticNet Conference

December 1


Today we had to wake up around 6:30 to have breakfast and do dry run of our talk before we left for the conference. There were four of us doing the talk, Me, Grace, Ceci, and Anna.

We were up late last night so that sucked, with the fact we woke up so early. We left for the conference around 8am. The ride there wasn’t to long.

The morning was super interesting because we got to listen to other professional researches talk about their work. Lunch wasn’t to bad, the soup was really good. The afternoon was more fun, we did our talk (it went pretty smooth if I may say). Then at 4:40 we got two see all the posters so that was great.

Supper, ah yes supper, it was ok, we had Earls. We came back to Jane and Jim's house. Now we are doing nothing for the rest of the night.

Scott Stewardson, Junior Canadian Ranger 19'